Charly’s Broadway debut

November 10, 2018, Charly made her debut on Broadway Street in Nashville, Tennessee thanks to her friend Robert and the Gary Gibson band at Alan Jackson’s bar. Only expecting to sing karaoke that day, her friend Robert Carnes who she met at the Shania Twain “NOW” tour in Tampa, introduced her to many new friends including his friend Gary Gibson. Charly got up and sang Randy Travis’ I Told You So. The crowd wanted more so Charly then sang Martina McBride’s Wild Angels. Click the link to see Charly Reynolds Broadway debut, singing I Told You So.



June 8, 2018, Charly took a road trip with her family, and of course her dog, Dolly Pawton, and moved up to Nashville, Tennessee! A lot of questions have been asked as to what her plans are and Charly has decided to take a gap year from college, and move to Nashville to pursue her dreams of a country music artist. She is so excited to live in a  new place and meet new people and see where her career in Nashville can take her. To keep weekly updates on Charly, follow her on her Instagram: @charlyreynoldsmusic. Her fan mail address will be changed, but for now it will be staying at P.O. Box 561517 Orlando, FL 32856




On April 28, 2018, Charly Reynolds will be singing a 3 hour set from 1-4PM with 30 country songs that you can sing along to. It will be an afternoon full of fun, dancing, drinking and BURGERS! Click the link below to purchase your ticket ahead of time and use Charly's promo code, CREYNOLDS for $5 off! We hope to see you there!

Johnny's Other Side

1619 East Michigan Street

Orlando, FL 32806


Interview on the ted show

April 11,2018 Charly had an interview on The Ted Show featuring Ted Bogert and his friend Bill Moore working tech. They covered her start into music, her debut album, sophomore EP, and release concert on April 14, 2018 at the Walt Disney Amphitheater. Kissed Us Goodbye was released worldwide the morning of the interview. Click here to order Charly's new EP, Kissed Us Goodbye, and to watch the live interview of Charly on The Ted Show, click here!



April 11,2018 Charly's sophomore EP, Kissed Us Goodbye will be released worldwide. The EP consists of 5 songs, and some collabrations with Tavie Basarich and Toby Waters. Wonderland, the first single on the EP was released March 28, 2018, while the EP was released for pre-order. Click here to pre-order Charly's new EP, Kissed Us Goodbye.